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December 5, 2021, I opened my fifth Broadway show and third Original Broadway Company. It was 2012, the last time I stepped onto a Broadway stage. My heart raced with excitement as I took my bow for singing the 11 o'clock number (Don't Judge A Book), and I beamed with pride, knowing big things lay ahead.

I was right, and HUGE things were ahead of me. I was asked to do a show with no audition (I think that's a big deal); I got engaged and married, performed in more shows as a lead or supporting actress role. I began a new career in teaching, got formal classical acting training, toured the country for a second time, gave birth to a beautiful and strong baby girl, And finished my BA as a Magna Cum Laude!

It hasn't all been glory, though. Some friendships ended, I had a bi-lateral voice surgery, was belittled and spoken down to in work and educational settings, to name a few. Which meant I had to look inward on myself each time. Who was I? How did I want to show up?

What I knew for sure was that I wanted and needed to evolve?

Tonight I can...


I Teach. And one thing I have always wanted to do is my own “Favorite Things List” This is my first list and with it comes all the tools I use daily, or frequently, in order to live my best and most fierce life. Much like Oprah’s Favorite things list, many of these items range in price. So take a look at all of them and have fun checking it all out!

  1. Foam Rollers/Soft Ball Rollers: These two things SAVE. MY. LIFE. If not for rolling out, I doubt that I would have been able to make it through the past decade of my professional life. Especially during my pre and post surgery time this year, I spent a great deal of time rolling out b/c I couldn’t afford to get a massage or go to the chiropractor as much as I wanted. The soft balls - which are taped together with Duck Tape- (Shout Out to Sarah Nolan over at PhysioArts that introduced this to me when I was at Lion King) would...

It’s 445am on a Wednesday morning in December. At this time last year I was just getting home from tour and poised to do something outstanding immediately. I was instead met with an injury to my voice that needed a tremendous amount of TLC.

I tended to it. I’ve learned a shit ton about my voice and why being patient can be both a virtue and a road block.

The Virtues

Because I didn’t have a choice but to heal one minute at a time I found myself with tons of time on my hands. Rest that I never seemed to get was suddenly in front of me. Ideas I wouldn’t allow myself to think suddenly popped into my head. Asking for community and support was foreign to me, now I couldn’t help myself than to seek it out desperately. Thankfully, I finally had the opportunity to invest in the much needed self care that I allowed to escape me for the majority of my life. The most hardest thing during this time was not being able to fully use my voice the way I wanted to.

Road Block

When the time came for me to get out there and use it, I...


AAAHHHH! The moment has come when I make a Sex in the City post. Seeing Carrie begin each episode with her thoughts then plopping down in front of her trendy MAC laptop to write, always brought me so much insight into being a thirty something in NYC. Now I find myself smack dab in the middle of my thirty's with a few thoughts.....

This past week a few friends made it a point to say that they wanted a "Sex in the City" NYC life to me. The first time I heard it, I thought they meant, being wealthy enough to jaunt around the city and shop at high end designer stores. I brushed it off. I want that too! Then the second and third time I heard it, I realized it was referring to being in a relationship, having money, being carefree, and having opportunities just falling into their laps. No amount of money brings anyone a carefree life... Not even on our beloved show.

The women of this show all had top level jobs within their professions. Wasn't it awesome to see Miranda work her way into becoming a partner. Or Samantha let the men her in the publishing business know who was...


Funny thing about “Do Overs”, they either are worth it or not. If it’s in between those things, I don’t want no part of it. When I moved back to Texas after living and thriving in NYC for 10yrs I hoped for the second time around to be filled with all the things I didn’t create for myself in the city. What I found was that “Do Over” was Not all it was hyped up to be. Don’t get me wrong. A shit ton of amazing things happened while there. Like cementing my love for teaching and reconnecting with my artistic mentors in Dallas, reconnecting with my best friends and sisters, and meeting great new friends. I almost forgot, living in a HGTV type home!

A big reason why it wasn’t right, was because I was running away from events that I didn’t smooth over. I snuck out. When I returned I still felt hurt. I still felt unsettled. I felt unwanted and problematic. I carried that hurt through state lines. Today a major part in my unsettling was healed. With a road trip, common ground, 2 hugs, a smile, and many laughs I got a reset. I got closure. I got someone to see and feel, I’ve grown...


YO! Life is crazytown! A month ago I could barely speak. Today I’m singing higher than I’ve ever sang before. A year ago i was sitting in an acting studio learning more about myself than I ever had before. Today, I’m positive that then I had only scratched the surface of who I thought I was. I could go further back, but you get where I’m going.

When I came out the operating room, I wasn’t sure what my voice would sound like. I wasn’t sure if I’d work again. I, seriously, wondered if I lost a part of my artistic abilities. To a certain degree I did lose something. I lost unneeded, baggage. With that baggage now gone, I’ve found myself doing some spring cleaning on my life. Things that I said to myself at one time or another were coming out of my brain and into the world. One of the things I said in my head was “I Wish I could film my choreography.” “I wish I could write something and perform it.” “I want to be an Entrepreneur and build something of my own.” Aye!!! I’m doing ALL THOSE THINGS! I’m doing the damn thing! I have no plans on stopping either.

Last week I...


You Guys!!!!!! I am Fully doing THINGS! I’m getting camera stuff together to shoot my scenes, scheduling rehearsals, meeting up with friends and growing my community of support, and getting better and better at speaking after my surgery! Things are happening! And I will be riding this momentum forward like my life depends on it. Because it does!

This week my website went live!!!! You know this b/c you’re reading this right now When I posted about my site going live, I was so excited! So excited I didn’t realize I had made a typo. Thankfully, a friend from HS caught it. I made the correction and proceeded to delete her comment. NOW, when I deleted the comment - and I’m being completely honest- I was upset and embarrassed. Then I sat with my feelings for a day. The next morning I couldn’t help, but feel gratitude. Gratitude because someone helped me. I do need A LOT of help with editing and Many other things. Always have. In school, I would read and consume everything I could. When I would put my thoughts down on paper, I would write the way I...