I’m doing a thing!

YO! Life is crazytown! A month ago I could barely speak. Today I’m singing higher than I’ve ever sang before. A year ago i was sitting in an acting studio learning more about myself than I ever had before. Today, I’m positive that then I had only scratched the surface of who I thought I was. I could go further back, but you get where I’m going.

When I came out the operating room, I wasn’t sure what my voice would sound like. I wasn’t sure if I’d work again. I, seriously, wondered if I lost a part of my artistic abilities. To a certain degree I did lose something. I lost unneeded, baggage. With that baggage now gone, I’ve found myself doing some spring cleaning on my life. Things that I said to myself at one time or another were coming out of my brain and into the world. One of the things I said in my head was “I Wish I could film my choreography.” “I wish I could write something and perform it.” “I want to be an Entrepreneur and build something of my own.” Aye!!! I’m doing ALL THOSE THINGS! I’m doing the damn thing! I have no plans on stopping either.

Last week I choreographed, directed, casted, produced, and now editing my first dance video! Now I’m not gonna lie, the editing part is F**king Hard! But I’ll keep learning as I go. And I KNOW I’ll get better as time moves ahead. I filmed the beginning of a monthly social media video I’ll do called #MonologueMonday. Check it out on IG! I love Shakespeare and until I can perform in a show, these are the activities and exercises I’ll keep doing to maintain those muscles exercised and eager to fire off when the time calls.

I also began putting the wheels on an idea I created when I lived in Austin called Fearless Young Artists Productions. FYA Productions will produce original content online, produce Theater shows, provide a community of artist with monthly meet ups, online classes, and self tapes! Yeah I know... it’s A Lot! But as artist we Always Do The Most. Why ignore ignore that or try to act like we don’t. When I’m at a loss for something I’m sure the community I’m surrounding myself with will catch my shortcomings. Fam, I’m truly trusting the world right now. I’m gonna follow what turns me on and I’m trust the rest will fall into place. I’m SURE of this!

All this to say, taking a week away from writing you was needed. I needed to absorb and reflect. Even as I write this, I’m taking in more and more of the magnitude of my journey thus far. I didn’t get here alone and I want to make sure everyone knows that, number 1. Number 2 its never too late to learn something new and continue learning what you’ve already gained in knowledge. Number 3 the world will never know your greatness if you keep it locked inside you. Get out there and Get At It! Learn, and fail, as you go. Ain’t nothing to but to do it.