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Makin' Money Moves

Ya Knnnooooowwwww... My surgery was more than just a reset with my voice. It has become a reset for my life. I have renewed confidence, a stronger willpower than ever before, and a focus that will not be f**ked with! I am in Boss Mode!

Boss Mode has been in effect since I was cleared to speak. But it really popped off when my manager and I went our separate ways. She was ABSOLUTELY wonderful for a such long time in my career. When we met, I had no confidence in my representation and was lost as to whom I should trust. She took care of me. She helped to guide me along. But things change. People change. GOALS. CHANGE. The tools I learned from her will continue to help me in the future. I'm truly grateful for the time we worked together. To that ended relationship I say I wish you light, love, and continued success. I know you wish the same for me. I would put a fist bump emoji here, but I don't know how to do that on a blog yet. #notatechieperson #buticanplayone

I am grateful to have had every experience over 15 years of my professional career and personal life. Every journey has highs and lows, twists and turns, loops and swoops. My injury was one twist. Finding new representation is a turn. Creating new content that makes me cheese like a kid seeing Mickey Mouse for the first time is a definite HIGH! This past week, I've put into action steps to film some scenes I've written in April. I have begun to find new music to add to my audition book. I'm writing music! WHAT! "LAQUET IS WRITING MUSIC" you say? YUP! I'm at Level 3 on Yousician for piano and ukulele, so I'm basically a pro. HA! Seriously, I am writing lyrics and can hear melodies much clearer because I'm learning to play piano and ukulele. I look forward to continuing to learn my instruments and writing what I hope to be a demo record. That's something I've always dreamed of, but never had the confidence to do. It's a new dawn and it's a new day y'all!

Finally, I will be doing open mic nights at Nuyorican Cafe here in NYC beginning in April! As you can see, I've been doing a lot of writing, especially over the past few months. I have no idea if what I've been writing is good. A dear friend told me, it's not up to me to judge my work. Just put it out into the world, because the work has already processed itself through me. So, I'm putting it out there. Because the past three months have shown me there is a community in the world for me. For you. For us all! Sharing my recovery from surgery has only solidified this idea for me. Perhaps in my opening up and sharing, I will grow my community and continue to improve upon every inch of who I am. That's what this thing is all about right? Being the best version of ourselves.

SO! I still dance (not on a pole) but I'm Makin' Money Moves! Who's with me?