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Opening Night

December 5, 2021, I opened my fifth Broadway show and third Original Broadway Company. It was 2012, the last time I stepped onto a Broadway stage. My heart raced with excitement as I took my bow for singing the 11 o'clock number (Don't Judge A Book), and I beamed with pride, knowing big things lay ahead.

I was right, and HUGE things were ahead of me. I was asked to do a show with no audition (I think that's a big deal); I got engaged and married, performed in more shows as a lead or supporting actress role. I began a new career in teaching, got formal classical acting training, toured the country for a second time, gave birth to a beautiful and strong baby girl, And finished my BA as a Magna Cum Laude!

It hasn't all been glory, though. Some friendships ended, I had a bi-lateral voice surgery, was belittled and spoken down to in work and educational settings, to name a few. Which meant I had to look inward on myself each time. Who was I? How did I want to show up?

What I knew for sure was that I wanted and needed to evolve?

Tonight I can confidently say that I am a highly qualified, trained, and educated woman who loves deeply and fiercely. I work my ass off to achieve the goals I set for myself and will bend over backward to help someone else achieve theirs. I don't take failure lightly but, at the same time, seek to learn something new in every experience. I want more than what I'm given because I know I'm capable of holding it all. I continually work not to doubt myself because my work will suffer. But most importantly, my body is capable of doing more than I could ever imagine.

I write all this to say I'm far from healed, but I'm far beyond where I was ten years ago. I'm still working towards many of my goals, and I've checked off a great many.

December 5, 2021, reassured me that I deserve to be in this business and that my show family is better because I am eager to contribute to our success. Whether I'm on stage every night or waiting in the wings, everyone knows I got their backs. The business of show is beginning to learn that whether I am producing new work, writing, teaching, or merely existing, I'm grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the theatrical community.

Opening Night of Mrs. Doubtfire The Musical has had a long road. The pandemic tried to stop us, but we persevered and stuck together. I am humbled that I get the opportunity to be in a cast of insanely talented humans. This cast, crew, creative team, producers, and theater staff are the humans I have craved working with my whole career. They show me that where there is love, there is a way. We remind each other to breathe and create a safe space. We have the openness to feel all the feels and hold each other accountable to and for our feelings. Are you perfect? Nope! But I couldn't imagine this show on this night with anyone else. Thank you to everyone in my show family for reminding me why the theater is essential and why we all fight the battles we do. It's for moments like this.

Tonight is our moment! And we ceased the hell out it! Congrats friends.