SexLESS and the City

AAAHHHH! The moment has come when I make a Sex in the City post. Seeing Carrie begin each episode with her thoughts then plopping down in front of her trendy MAC laptop to write, always brought me so much insight into being a thirty something in NYC. Now I find myself smack dab in the middle of my thirty's with a few thoughts.....

This past week a few friends made it a point to say that they wanted a "Sex in the City" NYC life to me. The first time I heard it, I thought they meant, being wealthy enough to jaunt around the city and shop at high end designer stores. I brushed it off. I want that too! Then the second and third time I heard it, I realized it was referring to being in a relationship, having money, being carefree, and having opportunities just falling into their laps. No amount of money brings anyone a carefree life... Not even on our beloved show.

The women of this show all had top level jobs within their professions. Wasn't it awesome to see Miranda work her way into becoming a partner. Or Samantha let the men her in the publishing business know who was boss when they'd tried to sell her short. Even Charlotte worked her way into becoming the chic UES mom and wife that we all wished we could be. My point is that they didn't just arrive in those fancy positions. Carrie didn't start writing for Vogue, she worked her up from Page Six.

You can't tell me, the show was about all the ladies having one single relationship as the show was on air. They all had a linty of countless one night stands, failed romances, and revolving doors of going back and forth with the wrong one/the ones that got away. Much like the ladies of the city, my friends are all single. However, they are beautiful and sexy, talented, charismatic, opinionated, fearless, and radiant. They have more than all four of those women combined. Instead of hopping from bed to bed they hop from show to show. They serenade various casting and musical directors with their sonorous presence. They command their spaces being sure to leave lasting impressions. Sure they go on dates with infrequent advances past kissing. The none enlighten mind may call them sexless. In my opinion they have the best sex. They make it seem effortless what they do... giving their all openly, lovingly, passionately to every room they enter into. They may not be household names, but they are successfully doing the hardest thing a person can do. Which is to share their love. I'd rather be physically sexless than have all the meaningless physical sex. The sex we saw we on the show was meaningless. They hoped to be seen by each of their lovers when they hadn't even scratched the surface of being truly naked in front of their lovers. Is it any wonder Carrie never ended up with Aiden, Charlotte with Terry MacDougal, Samantha with Smith. Miranda took FOREVER before finally allowing herself to be naked in front of Steve. My friends, and I, are naked at every moment of our live. And we show it and share it.

My bow for this piece, We all saw the come up. Each of our favorite characters grew into successes. We saw the lows before we could appreciate the highs. Why don't we make it a point to show our daily come ups? We're so quick to share the fun, the hashtags, the glamour, the shows. But I make it a challenge to share the in betweens. The moments of working on monologues, going to dance class, doing my voice warms, the countless auditions... These are the moments I really know I'm in NYC. That I'm really make a go of things. I may not be club hopping to the swankiest places or having countless meaningless relationships. BUT I am in a relationship where we live in a place of daily nakedness. We are uncomfortable with each other daily b/c we notice a new part of each others nakedness each day. I get to see her daily come ups. My luck continues as I get to see the daily come ups of my friends (which are more like my family). This is the best stories I could watch. Our stories of being Sexless, naked, and hypnotic for our crafts and relationships means we are living the Sex and the City dream.

And I'm positive the penthouse apartments are on their way. ;)