Smacked In Healing

Funny thing about “Do Overs”, they either are worth it or not. If it’s in between those things, I don’t want no part of it. When I moved back to Texas after living and thriving in NYC for 10yrs I hoped for the second time around to be filled with all the things I didn’t create for myself in the city. What I found was that “Do Over” was Not all it was hyped up to be. Don’t get me wrong. A shit ton of amazing things happened while there. Like cementing my love for teaching and reconnecting with my artistic mentors in Dallas, reconnecting with my best friends and sisters, and meeting great new friends. I almost forgot, living in a HGTV type home!

A big reason why it wasn’t right, was because I was running away from events that I didn’t smooth over. I snuck out. When I returned I still felt hurt. I still felt unsettled. I felt unwanted and problematic. I carried that hurt through state lines. Today a major part in my unsettling was healed. With a road trip, common ground, 2 hugs, a smile, and many laughs I got a reset. I got closure. I got someone to see and feel, I’ve grown up and want nothing but the best for them. That I admire them. Mostly, I respect them.

My experiences this week, but in particular Saturday April 21, showed me that until a chapter has resolution I can’t move forward. There will always be some kind of anchor holding me back and asking me to unchain them. It brings me so much joy that our spirits were in the right place for healing and resolution. Perhaps we both needed that.

Real Talk, Healthy Happy Healed is so much more than just my voice recovery. It’s also all the things that led to my breakdown and injuries. They will also be a major reason in my rebuilding. What an incredible thing life is. Just when you think you got it all figured out, it throws you something It Knows you’re ready for. And if you just embrace the fact that the universe knows better than you, it will thrust you into the greatest free fall you could ever experience!