What Ya Been Doin' LaQuet?

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Featured in The NY Times

It's not every day that someone can say they were featured in The NY Times. I'm beyond humbled and honored to share my experience of being a Swing and Understudy. It is the hardest job in the theater and I'm a better artist because of it.

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NY Times - Understudies Step Into the Spotlight

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Black People Working Together is Always Enlightening and Inspiring

I can't say what this project is, but it an amazing seven weeks of my life! Thank you to everyone in (and out of) this photo. It never ceases to amaze me what new found discoveries are uncovered when a group of highly talented Black and Brown people create together.


Mrs Doubtfire The Musical - A New Musical that Opened 3x and Closed 3x

In February 2020 I found myself preparing for the Mrs. Doubtfire audition. I readied my body as best I could (b/c I was 3 months postpartum) for some light movement at a singer call. HA! @double_windsor had other plans that day. With the outstanding @latarro as our Brilliant choreographer (along w/ @twald1 as our Dance Captain), a room of artists began to sweat bullets with energetic choreography. After dancing I was sure I’d be cut and head back to my baby. But my soon-to-be show family called me back and 2 weeks later I booked It! I was so shocked by the call I dropped the breast milk I had just pumped & startled my baby.

I was immediately surrounded by love and a little something extra. Over the next year and a half of quarantine, I began to understand what the extra was.

It was a grounded grace that enveloped us all. Our work, friendships, and connections were like shipping ropes linked - strong, sturdy, Mighty. No matter which way we were swayed along our journey, we undoubtedly had each other’s back. Our bonds were tested with Omicron. Which led to our second closing in January 2022. Although we were told we’d come back, the melancholy that comes with closing a show took hold of my heart. One could imagine the glee when we came back! Together we rejoiced with our Hercules - AKA Mrs. Doubtfire - Aka @mcclurerob charging us forward once again. But any person who has done an original Bway show knows the battle of opening a new show is not an easy one to fight

Unfortunately, we lost a great battle. But together we found a tenacious connection in one another. Each of us took that connection to our families outside the theater and our bonds grew deeper

This wasn’t just a new musical. It was a triumphant call to learn, to heal, grow, and most importantly, love. We sing loudly every day “As long as there is love” and this family has that ten times over. To my Doubtfire fam and our fans, remember Wherever you go, whatever you do remember You are Special. You are Seen. You are Loved!

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The Life at NY City Center

This was the fast three weeks of my life. But it also was the most transformation artistic experiences of my career. I will forever be grateful to Billy Porter and AC Ciulla who gifted me the courage to live truthfully in my work and identity.