Who Am I

Then to Now

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I was an angsty child who loved to philosophize about New Jack Swing and 90's rap music with my mom's college friends. I grew into pop and grunge-loving nationally ranked preteen cheerleader who became an unknowingly socially conscious teenager. I was the kid that needed to speak up and out about everything. Quickly realizing that I was an outspoken artist, I found myself moving towards education and a deep desire to learn about who I am, how I can best serve the community around me, and most importantly, living up to the potential I know is within me.

I've become a Parent in recent months. With my baby on my hips, I need consistency and answers for what I want to contribute to the artistic world. By combining my creative and entrepreneurial spirit, I created Fearless Young Artists Productions. Here, I develop young artists, sell essential tools for artists, and produce my original works. Although I'm never far from performing onstage, I am proud to say that I continue to work on Broadway and am making my way into TV/Film.

In my opinion, I'm the perfect blend of what a Millenial is all about; Frustration that equality isn't a given, an understanding that to be Young, Gifted, and Black represents an active call to action poem, and healthy energy to fight for freedom within me and those around me.