Who Am I

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Then to Now

I was an angsty child who loved to philosophize about New Jack Swing and 90's rap music with my mom's college friends. I grew into a bubble gum pop loving nationally ranked preteen cheerleader who turned into an unknowingly socially conscious teenager. Through it all, I found myself gravitating to a deepening love for my craft as an artist.

Today, I've turned my once angst into creative outlets expressed in my style of dress, sparking conversations to provoke thought and forward motion, teaching the next generation of young artists, and a healthy obsession with all things Always Sunny in Philadelphia re-runs. I am the perfect blend of what a Gen-Xer is all about.... Frustration that equality isn't a given, an understanding that to be Young Gifted and Black is more than just a Nina Simone song- but most importantly I'm an artist figuring my stuff out.